NFL shifts focus away from Punt, Pass, & Kick

If you're a friend of the Complex, you may know how much fun we have hosting local NFL Punt, Pass, & Kick competitions free of charge for kids ages 6 to 15 years. Being able to announce local winners at high school football games and send them to the Sectional competitions each year is such a neat experience for the kids, so we were saddened to receive an email from the NFL that they recently made the decision to no longer operate Punt, Pass, & Kick (PPK) events. 

In a memorandum that can be seen here, NFL Youth & High School Football Senior Director Roman Oben explained that the NFL's "primary focus in youth football will continue to be promoting participation at all levels and investing time and resources in programs that are most successful at reaching that goal." The League will no longer sanction PPK events, and will instead integrate those resources into their FLAG-In-Schools program to introduce more kids to the fundamentals of football.

All that said, we thought it was only fair we give an explanation for why we will not be hosting a local NFL Punt, Pass, & Kick competition at the Complex this summer even though so many families enjoyed participating. We are, however, very excited by the opportunity to host new football opportunities in the future.